5/6 year old Learning Groups – Week of November 15, 2013

The students in Anne Booth’s and Chris Mathews’ learning groups are studying about our school lunch and where it comes from.  They visited our lunch line and spoke with our lunch teachers, Ms. Ellen and Ms. Wanda about how our school lunch is made. They hope for additional field work in the upcoming weeks.


The students in Jennifer Jones’ and Michelle Wheeler’s learning groups just had a field experience to West End Architectural Salvage to choose their iron designs that are being donated to the school for their plants/flowers project. They also culminated their study with their teachers and parents, by planting flowers in the front of the school.


The students in Barb Leise’s and Jeffrey Kerns’ learning groups have been going to various restaurants to help them learn about needs and wants. They graciously have had several parents from their classroom volunteer to have the students come visit various restaurants.

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