5/6 year old Learning Groups

The Downtown School PTA sponsored a movie night at the Central Campus Auditorium on January 10th.   Food was available for purchase and the movie, Despicable Me 2  was free.  Students, families, and friends showed up in big numbers and the night was a great success.


Anne Booth’s and Chris Mathews’ learning groups are learning about our school community and its members. They interviewed the nurse, librarian and office manager to learn about their job duties and how they can help them do their jobs. The students created posters to share this information with other members of the school community. They shared the posters with their 9/10 year old buddy and hung the posters up around the school so that others in the community can learn how they can be helpful to these community members.


Jennifer Jones’ and Michelle Wheeler’s learning groups are studying healthy habits, My Plate and investigating nutritional facts and how they help us stay healthy. Parents will be sending in their child’s favorite healthy snack and they will be compiling these together and creating a class healthy snack cookbook.


Barb Leise’s and Jeff Kerns’ learning groups are studying healthy habits as well.  They are learning what physical fitness is and which foods are healthy choices.

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