Students Focus on U.S. Constitution


Ms. Clark’s and Mrs. Sweeney’s classroom focused on the U.S. Constitution for two intense weeks of study involving many members of the community, role play and presentation preparation.

What resulted was a multi-media culminating event and a room full of students who appreciate our country today.

After completing a two week simulation of the key events during the American Revolution, they bridged their learning to the work of the Founding Fathers in writing our nation’s Constitution.

The U.S. Constitution was the guiding document for all of the work. In order to better understand the document, specifically what it says and what it does, they needed experiences beyond the textbook.  And they got it.

We would like to express our thanks to the following people for helping us learn in a variety of different ways.

• Marilyn, amazing docent at the Iowa Capitol Building
• Lori, lawyer and Supreme Court Building docent
• Justice David Wiggins, Iowa Supreme Court Justice
• Mr. Brent Pattison, Director of the Middleton Children’s Rights Center (Drake Legal Clinic) and Assistant Professor of Law
• Judge Joel Novak, Drake Legal Clinic
• Senator Matt McCoy, Iowa Senate District 21
• Venessa and Jesse Macro, legal counsel to our projects and field work coordinators
• Apryl DeLange, legal counsel to our projects and field work coordinator
• Judge Robert Blink, District Court Judge
• Nathan DeLange, videographer
• Dr. Gary Hoff, Rotary volunteer and guest artist

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