Bring Food for Combat Hunger

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Downtown School is going to Combat Hunger thanks to the organization of Mrs. Mann’s and Mrs. Badger’s Learning Groups.

Did you know that 1 in 5 children in Iowa does not have enough to eat? That means that 53 Downtown School students out of our 268 could possibly go to bed hungry each night! That’s why we are going to help the Food Bank of Iowa collect non-perishable food items.

Our food drive started on November 12th and will conclude on November 19th. We found out that there are certain things that the Food Bank is especially happy to get. In order to make sure that we collect lots of these items, we have made a fun schedule to let you know what to bring in each day:

o Monday, November 16th is Macaroni and Meat Monday.

o Tuesday, November 17th is Tissue Tuesday.

o Wednesday, November 18th is Waffle and Wonderful peanut butter Wednesday.

o  The final Thursday is Thoughtful Thursday, November 19th  where you bring in one of your favorite foods!

Keep in mind that any and all donations are always awesome, no matter the day! At the All School Sing on November 18th we will share our results (up to that point!) and see if we’ve met our 500 item goal. If we did, the next day we get to celebrate in a fun way. We’ll have a PAJAMA DAY to celebrate the fact that we helped kids in our own city not go to bed hungry.

Thanks DTS families! Let’s keep fighting hunger!

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